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Delivering an easy provider experience

Easy-to-use tools for you and your healthcare practice

A comprehensive online enrollment portal – the first of its kind

Programs that address the biggest issues facing you and your patients

Innovations that make it easier to get patients the care they need

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Reach more patients and gain access to innovative care programs when you join our network.

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File a claim

Find payer ID numbers and addresses for submiting medical and behavioral health claims.

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Referrals & authorizations

Learn how to submit a referral or authorization request for AllWays Health Partners members. 

Policies & guidelines

Below are links to information that will help you find out which services, treatments, and drugs are covered under our plans.

Payment guidelines

See what services are reimbursable

Authorization guidelines

Find out which services require referral or prior authorization.

Medical policies

Read up on our medical necessity criteria for different treatments.

Specialty drug policies

See which medical specialty drugs require authorization.

For more information

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Provider resources

Visit our provider resources page to find popular forms and other tools to help you do business with AllWays Health Partners.

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Care management

Our Care Management team work with you and your patients to create a treatment plan for their complex health care needs.

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