FlexRxSM pharmacy program

Access the medications you need

Our FlexRx pharmacy program helps you save on certain prescriptions and makes it easy to get your medications by mail or in person.


FlexRx Benefits

Coverage for many common over-the-counter drugs

Savings on a
90-day supply
of certain maintenance medications at participating retail pharmacies or by mail order

Additional savings at CVS Pharmacy® on health-related products

Online tools to help you manage your plan

Search the formulary for your plan


Find a drug and see the other prescription benefits associated with your health plan

Covered preventive prescription drugs

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11 No-cost drugs

For individual, small group, and any plans that include Care Complement, the following common prescription medications to treat depression, heart conditions, and high blood pressure have $0 cost for members.*

Depression: Fluoxetine 10, 20mg capsules
Diabetes: Metformin, regular release tablets
High cholesterol: Atorvastatin tablets, Simvastatin tablets
Heart and high blood pressure: Amlodipine besylate tablets, Atenolol tablets, Furosemide tablets, Lisinopril tablets, Losartan tablets, Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg capsule, 25mg, 50mg tablets, Metoprolol succinate SR tablets
*Does not apply to HSA plans.

Pain management information

Visit our pain management center to explore resources to help you avoid opioid use. 

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