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What’s included in an AllWays Health Partners plan?

From prevention and wellness to diagnosis and treatment, our comprehensive medical and behavioral health benefits cover you from head to toe.

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Your medical benefits

$0 cost sharing for preventive care and wellness services

Diagnosis and treatment if you get sick or injured

Personalized support for managing a chronic condition

Virtual, interactive, urgent care through telemedicine services

Prescription drug coverage

Learn more about your pharmacy benefits.

Our mental health benefits

Learn about the mental health and substance use resources we offer.

Programs designed with you in mind

AllWays Health Partners members get access to world-class programs that help you save money on the care you need. These benefit programs are available with most of our plans. Visit your Member portal account at to see what benefits are available to you.
  • DoctorSmart RewardsSM - Cash back for making smart choices about care

    Cash back for making smart choices about care

    Members can save money — and earn rewards of up to $500 — with the DoctorSmart Rewards program.

    Different providers may charge very different prices for the same procedure, even when they’re delivering the same level of care.

    DoctorSmart Rewards makes it easy to find these high-value providers, so members can save on their out-of-pocket costs.

    But there’s more. DoctorSmart Rewards also gives members a cash incentive for making smart choices about where to get their care. Eligible services include common procedures like colonoscopy, CT scan, mammogram, MRI, and upper GI endoscopy.

    To participate, members simply shop the full list of DoctorSmart Rewards on our secure member portal. Once they select and have a procedure, we’ll process the claim and send them a check in the mail.
  • DSC2U - Down Syndrome Clinic 2 You

    Members with Down syndrome and their caregivers get no-cost access to a virtual clinic that provides personalized care plans

    The brainchild of researchers and clinicians at Massachusetts General Hospital, the virtual clinic at aims to improve the health care journey for patients with Down syndrome and make sure they get the right kind of care, at the right time. AllWays Health Partners  members and their caregivers can access this service throughout the year at no cost to them.

    How it works

    Members and their caregivers answer questions in a comprehensive survey on the virtual portal at They'll then receive a personalized plan with information, resources, and recommendations for their overall care. The caregiver can then share this information with the member's primary care provider to ensure they're getting the right care for their condition.

    Topics may include:
    • Recommended labs, tests, and procedures 
    • Potential new conditions/diagnoses to be considered 
    • Health and wellness resources
    • Nutrition information
    • Education/therapy resources 
    • Information, resources, and supports

    All the tool’s recommendations are anchored in published practice guidelines, best practices, and/or expert consensus. According to research, 100% of caregivers would recommend to another caregiver of someone with Down syndrome.

  • iHeart Champion - Care management to reduce risk of heart attacks and strokes

    State-of-the-art care management

    iHeart Champion helps members reduce their bad cholesterol, blood pressure, and risk of heart attacks. The program is a collaboration with Brigham and Women’s Hospital Remote Cardiovascular Health Program. Eligible members find it easy to engage with navigators and digital tools to return impressive results — all without the need for office visits or additional member costs. Among study participants, average results are:
    • 40% reduction in bad cholesterol in 12 weeks
    • Blood pressure values decreased by an average of 30/10

    These reductions would reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

  • On Demand - Virtual urgent care

    Convenient, high-quality virtual urgent care visits 24/7 

    On Demand offers convenient, high-quality virtual urgent care services for minor illnesses and injuries—and it’s available anytime and anywhere in the United States. Members (adults and children age 3 and older) connect to providers through a secure, interactive video visit on the web or mobile device. 

    On Demand is NOT for medical emergencies. For medical emergencies, call 911.

  • Path to Lifestyle Change - Diabetes risk management
    • Path to Lifestyle Change

      Designed to help members at risk of developing type 2 diabetes

      Path to Lifestyle Change is a lifestyle intervention program that is modeled after the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-endorsed original Diabetes Prevention Program.

      This program helps eligible members to make changes to promote weight loss and healthier living, which can delay or prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes. Led by an expert team of lifestyle interventionists and dietitians from Mass General Diabetes Center, participants learn about nutrition, physical activity, and behavioral strategies and receive the education, tools, and support they need to make lasting lifestyle changes. Members access group sessions by phone


Peer recovery coaches

Peer recovery coaches

Proud to be one of the first health plans in the country to have peer recovery coaches on staff.

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