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Mental health resources

Mental health is a key part of our overall well-being—and we're here to help. On this page you'll find useful resources to help you get the support you need to manage your mental and behavioral health care.


Search for behavioral health care

The AllWays Health Partners provider directory contains all our in-network providers. Use the “Browse by Category” tool to find psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and more in your area.


Access care and helpful resources

Optum’s Live and Work Well website offers self-care tools and answers to common mental health questions. Their virtual visit platform can help you connect with many providers who can see patients both online and in-person. Create an account on the site with your member ID number to see personalized benefits or browse as a guest with the access code allwaysma.

Connect with a therapist or psychiatrist virtually


Talkspace virtual providers

Many AllWays Health Partners members have access to Talkspace, a virtual provider group that makes it easy to access virtual therapy or psychiatry online or through the Talkspace mobile app. To see if your AllWays Health Partners plan covers access to Talkspace, click the link below and choose the Get Started button under “Use my Insurance Benefits.”

Get the personal support you need

Our Health Coaches, Certified Peer Recovery Coaches, and Care Management teams can provide personalized support to help you achieve your behavioral health and wellness goals.
  • Connect with support to manage your care remotely
    If you need support when it comes to managing your behavioral health care, you can reach out to the licensed care managers on the Optum Telephonic Behavioral Health Care Managment team. They will conduct an assessment to help remotely coordinate your individual care needs.

    You can connect with the team by emailing or calling the number on the back of your ID card and asking about behavioral health care management.
  • Talk to a Health Coach about your wellness goals
    If you’re looking for some personal support to help you achieve your wellness goals, our Health Coaches are here to help. For no additional cost, you can talk to a health coach about any health and wellness topic that’s on your mind, like how to eat more vegetables, quit tobacco, or integrate walking into your daily routine.

    Just email us at or call the Customer Service number on the back of your member ID card and ask to talk to a Health Coach.
  • Get help addressing your complex care needs
    The Your Care Circle (YCC) program is designed to help members with complex, overlapping care needs manage their physical and behavioral health at no additional cost. A team of  behavioral health care managers and registered nurses will work with you to develop an appropriate care plan to address your health challenges, coordinate communication among your providers, and ensure your best health. The YCC program also includes Peer Recovery Coaches who have lived experience with substance use disorder and can guide and support members before, during, after, and instead of treatment.

    You can self-refer to this program when you email or call the number on the back of your member ID card and ask about the Your Care Circle care management program.

Wellness resources on demand

These online tools will help you learn about behavioral health issues and get wellness recommendations at your own pace, without needing to talk with a provider.

Get a personalized wellness plan

CaféWell wellness website

CaféWell is an interactive platform featuring a health assessment and wellness recommendations personalized to you. You’ll also have access to walking challenges that connect to your personal fitness tracker, healthy living blogs written by experts, and interactive webinars. You can get started with your CaféWell account by signing in to the AllWays Member portal.

Find helpful tools to support your well-being

Live and Work Well website

Optum’s Live and Work Well site contains articles and self-care tools to help in your personal life, relationships, and with mental health care needs. You can create an account on the site with your member ID number to see personalized benefits or browse as a guest with the access code allwaysma.

Join our virtual wellness workshops

Community support webinar series

Our free community webinar series is focused on promoting health and wellness for the community. These workshops are open for anyone to join, not just AllWays Health Partners members. You can watch past recordings of workshops on topics like recovering from burnout, healthy eating, mindful parenting, and more at the link below.

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