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Chief medical officer Tony Dodek, M.D.

AllWays Health Partners launches diabetes prevention benefit

AllWays Health Partners, a Massachusetts-based health insurance company, has launched a new program designed to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes. Participants will be paired with lifestyle coaches to help improve their diet and exercise regimens.

The program, called “Path to Lifestyle Change,” is offered through Massachusetts General Hospital Diabetes Center at no additional out-of-pocket cost to clients who have been identified as being at-risk for developing type 2 diabetes, the most serious form of the disease…


You can read the full article on the Employee Benefit News website.

“It's not just diet. It's not just exercise. It's all encompassing, to try to make people as healthy as they can be and prevent the development of diabetes in the future,”
Dr. Tony Dodek, chief medical officer at AllWays Health Partners.

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