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We’re building something new in health care.

A plan that works for you.

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Meet AllWays Health Partners

A new kind of health plan built on the idea that insurance companies can work better. We’re offering a new approach — one that gives you more of what you want (like a strong and growing network, easy-to-understand plans, and speedy customer service) plus a few things you might not have ever expected — like our performance guarantees and customer loyalty program.
With over 30 years of experience, AllWays Health Partners comes from a tradition of innovation, value, and customer service created from the combined strengths of Neighborhood Health Plan and Partners HealthCare.
We’re passionate about challenging the status quo. And we’re just getting started. Whether through our online member community or our in-person advisory groups, we’re always listening to you to find new ways to solve old problems and to deliver the best possible care to you

About Mass General Brigham.

Mass General Brigham is one of the nation’s most respected and experienced health care systems. As a member of Mass General Brigham, we’re in a unique position to improve care and coverage together. We think of our members as patients, too, whether patients of Mass General Brigham providers or any other in our network.

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