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GIC Member Benefits & Perks

No hospital tiering this year & only two tiers for specialists

Partners HealthCare On Demand telemedicine option

A provider network that’s on par with other local carriers

Reimbursement for annual gym/fitness club membership

Save $1080 plus more

Learn how one family uses their flexible GIC benefits to save more than $1080 in one year.

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  • 2019 Plan details
    Medical Deductible
    Maximum Out-of-Pocket
    (includes medical, pharmacy, and behavioral health)
    Primary Care Provider Office
    Visit Copay
    Specialist Office Visit Copay
    Emergency Room $100 and then deductible
    Inpatient Medical Care
    $275 and then deductible
    Outpatient Surgery at a Freestanding
    Ambulatory Care Center
    (for non-preventive colonoscopies, endoscopies,
    and eye surgeries)
    $150 copayment and then deductible

    Outpatient Surgery
    (plus hospital based
    non-preventive colonoscopies, endoscopies, and eye surgeries)

    $250 and then deductible
    High-tech Imaging
    $100/scan and then deductible
    Telemedicine Copay
    (interactive video visits, such as Partners HealthCare On Demand)

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    Summary of Benefits and Coverage (PDF)

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