Partners HealthCare On Demand

Access virtual urgent care during the COVID-19 crisis

AllWays Health Partners members and Partners HealthCare patients in Massachusetts have access to Partners On Demand telemedicine services.

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Partners HealthCare On Demand is a convenient, high-quality urgent care service that allows you to have an interactive video visit with a doctor right from your home, office, or anywhere in the US.

  • More about Partners On Demand
    Partners HealthCare On Demand offers urgent care services anytime, anywhere in the US through a secure, interactive video visit. For established Partners HealthCare patients in Massachusetts, Partners On Demand with Partners clinicians is now available for medical advice about COVID-19 concerns as well as other urgent care needs.*
    Your PCP knows you best and should always be your first stop for care. If your PCP is unavailable, Partners On Demand is a great alternative.

    * Board certified physicians from Teladoc will deliver services to patients located outside of Massachusetts.
  • When to use virtual urgent care
    You and your dependents age three and older can use Partners HealthCare On Demand at any time of the day or night to get care for issues like:
    • Upper respiratory infections/flu/cough/cold
    • Sinus symptoms
    • Eye irritation/conjunctivitis
    • Allergies
    • Rashes
    • Other minor health conditions
  • How to access virtual care
    AllWays Health Partners members and Partners HealthCare patients in Massachusetts can access Partners HealthCare On Demand online or via the Partners On Demand mobile app (linked below). 
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    Registration is quick and 100% secure. Just fill out the form with your name and date of birth, then select the access category option that applies to you. You can then set up your username and password. We’ll also ask you some questions about your medical history.
    Once you’re registered, you’ll be able to log in and see the next available provider.
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